Aaminah Masauso
, a 24- year old aspiring motivational speaker and Islamic scholar who currently works in I.T and whose life's purpose is to help muslim women be more confident shares with us this beautiful poem!

Dear World, answer this for me
I sit and ponder and wonder
Where in this ever changing world
Changing so fast, so rapidly, so furiously
Do I fit in?
Can I still be part of this world?
Will I be me in this world?

I ask myself everyday
If my behaviour and my dressing
Stop me from becoming one of them
Them being the rest world
Do I still belong here?

You say I do, in research and in media
That in this world everyone is welcome
That diversity is welcome
That my culture is welcome
That I am part of a salad bowl of culture
But sadly it is not be

You constantly criticize me
Feminists say I am silenced
Some say I have no rights
Others say I am oppressed
Worse, I am uneducated
But how can you say that?

Do you not hear my voice?
The voice that is so powerful,
It does not need words to support it
The voice that cries so loud
It screams and calls out
That I am free, so free
That I made a choice
That I sit at the table
And change the game
And liberate the others
Who are uneducated, oppressed and abused

Can you not see me?
Can you not hear me?
Who I am and what I stand for?
Is it because of this cloth on my head?
Should I shed my scarf, change my faith
Forge a new identity, create a new me
A new me that I despise and hate
A new me that I am not comfortable with?
A new me that is not me

Should I shorten the length of my dress
Or take it off completely
Change the way that I behave
Change the way my hair looks
Abandon my culture
Abandon my background
Join the melting pot and lose myself
All to be heard?

I thought being me meant I am free
Free to make my choices, choose my beliefs
Dress as I like, and still make a difference
Instead who I am is no longer for today
I need to join you and forget me
And so I wonder, if I do not
Where do I go, where do I fit in?
Because this world today is not for me
The real me

But I also ask
Is it me who should change?
Who should let go of the old and accept the new?
Or is it you
Who should be more honest?
Accept me for me
Re look your theories and come to terms
That you say you want me but you do not want me
Because what you want and what you say are different.

Oh world, I am full of questions
Can you answer them , dear world?
Without bias and full of love?
With the best of intentions?
Or will you not, and leave me my own
To continue to think, despair and ponder
Oh world, tell me, oh world!

Image Courtesy: weheartit